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Stanford Thinker prepares international students for Top 30 US universities. Every student embarks on a journey of introspection to develop their academic expertise, narrative writing skills, and extracurricular profile.

The Founder

Toa obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University. He has helped students from America, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam with their applications to U.S. universities and colleges (IvyPlus, Top 30, liberal arts colleges, University of California schools, and specialty schools).

He believes every student is unique and will make a meaningful contribution to the world. With his help, high school students have gained admission to schools like MIT, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UMich, and Carnegie Mellon. Former students appreciate his attention to detail.

Admissions Results

• Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• Cornell University
• University of California–Berkeley
• University of Michigan
• Carnegie Mellon University
• New York University

Client Testimonials

Toa was attentive and helpful throughout the admissions process!

Student, Cornell University Class of 2024

Toa helped me develop a unique personal statement for my application!

Student, UC Berkeley Class of 2024

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Stanford Thinkers, a highly selective scholarship, offers students the opportunity to work with me. Students selected will receive, at zero cost, access to my college counseling services. Stanford Thinkers are selected for their industriousness and focus. It takes hard work to achieve the impossible. I look forward to working with future thinkers! Apply here. Need…

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