5 Tips to Improve Your Art Portfolio

Are you applying to art school this fall? Then look no further than this article on five quick tips for art portfolios.

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1. Technical Ability

Your dream school wants to admit high school experts in art. If you’re a junior photographer, spend hours studying Adobe Lightroom. If you’re a young filmmaker, use every tool available in Final Cut Pro at least a hundred times. Spend hours on your creative projects instead of a few minutes on Instagram. Summers are a great time to study and improve your skill set!

2. Start Early

Start building your portfolio in eighth grade or ninth grade. It takes time to understand every new field of art. Initiate two to five independent projects a year and submit your work to competitions. If you’re a promising comic book artist, start producing a weekly comic strip and publish one comic book a year. If you’re dreaming of fashion, join a fashion institute’s summer program. Start by producing work and finding supportive feedback.

3. Review Past Portfolios

Examine past portfolios that were admitted to your dream school. Are your creations of the same quality? Ask friends and family members for their opinions. Everyone has a different interpretation of art but quality is usually unanimous. Everyone can ignore a bad movie with no storyline, audio issues and confusing dialogue.and produce a list of goals. Most people know that a bad photograph is out-of-focus. Find out what’s bad and start creating good work.

4. Define Personality

Most students struggle with finding a connecting theme in their work. Why are they creating what they are creating? It’s a very difficult question. Do not overanalyze your work but explore different themes in projects. Are you romantic? Idealistic? Which themes do you like? Reread old short stories. Inspect old graphic designs.

5. Research Portfolio Requirements

Do not guess, double-check. Students should review their dream school’s requirements at least three times. Do not miss the deadline. Submit the appropriate number of pieces. Follow guidelines.

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